The Crossdressers Club
The Crossdressers Club

Welcome to The Crossdressers Club

A community for crossdressers to learn, share, inspire & enjoy their lifestyle experiences

About Us

Our Goal

We bring together a community of people who feel the desire to crossdress and explore their femininity by sharing inspiration, practical experiences and challenges with each other to help you change from the plain unnoticed to a beautifully dressed feminine person. So you can find happiness and confidence within yourself to go out and enjoy your time as a feminine beauty and meet other like-minded friends.

How are we to achieve our goal?

“By bringing together, like-minded individuals and creating a community of crossdressers to express themselves, to feel socially accepted and find courage in how they feel.”  

“To guide, teach, support and help every crossdresser to express their femininity as much as they desire.”

“Explore how our community can challenge perceptions and open minds to a new way of understanding.”

Why Join Us?

Our members have the knowledge and experience to help you become the person you want to be because many of them are already on the same path as you.

Community Code of Conduct

  • As this is an SFW (Safe For Work) site, please keep lewd or vulgar language to a minimum 
  • Aggressive behavior in chat, posts and comments will not be tolerated.
  • Be supportive of all members. If you cannot be supportive, it’s best to simply not respond.
  • Please be honest in what you share with the community, in a fun appropriate way. We are not a fiction or fantasy site, and role-playing in our chat rooms is prohibited.
  • Please do not deliberately misgender other members.
  • You will encounter members of different ages, races, nationalities, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, political philosophies, life circumstances and progression on their crossdressing/transgender journey. Treat others with respect and honor their path. Use your words to lift up and encourage.
  • Please be kind. Trolling, community disruption, flame wars, stalking, and threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • You must first obtain consent from a Moderator or Host before posting any type of advertising or solicitation.
  • You may not share or solicit any form of personal offsite contact information in the community areas of the site (i.e. public chat, forums, wall pages). This includes such info as Instagram or Twitter handles, links to personal offsite pages, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. For your safety, we recommend not sharing this information at all. If you do choose to share this information with another member, please make sure it is someone you trust and only do so via private message.
  • We ask that you not encourage others to engage in illegal or harmful activities. This includes the use of hormones or supplements obtained without a prescription or sharing dosages thereof, as well as recommending treatments or therapies which may be adverse or dangerous.
  • Please do not repost copyrighted material from other sites or sources. This includes photographs, articles, or links to such material. Exceptions may be made for stock images, news items, makeup tutorials, or music videos where appropriate, at the forum's discretion.
  • Sensitive topics such as politics, religion and sex are prohibited, except where it is necessary to touch upon these in regard to the transgender journey or experience.
  • While we generally recommend not sharing your private messages or chats with other members, we do encourage you to share with a Moderator or Host any private message or chat which feels inappropriate, fishy or unsafe. You may do this via copy & paste or screenshot in a private message with a Moderator or Host member. Similarly, we encourage you to use the “Report” button on such forum posts.
  • We may occasionally move forum topics and posts from one area to another without notice in cases where they seem more appropriate, or remove forum content altogether in cases where content is not appropriate.
  • Any and all content posted or shared on the site must be tasteful and appropriate for cross-dressing. Pornographic content, overtly sexual content, nudity images, etc. may not be posted anywhere. Please keep it classy.
  • Photos uploaded may only be your own original image. Avatar or profile images may be either your own original image or a public domain stock image so long as it’s not another person’s picture. As we encourage honesty and support, we ask that you do not use app-enhanced images in the public areas of the site. Photographs of minors will not be allowed anywhere on the site.
  • It’s not okay to argue with Moderators or Hosts (Support Staff) or ignore their requests. Speaking to support staff in an abusive fashion is prohibited, as is publicly discussing disciplinary action taken against you. In such cases or scenarios not addressed within these guidelines, moderators have full discretion. Please respect their decisions. If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, you may appeal such action by appealing to two other support staff.